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The creative heritage of Intarq arises from the crazy and untiring geography that surrounds us. Our constant beautiful and beast



The architecture of Intarq is a work that is always flooded with an emotional geographic landscape.


Intarq imbues his works of landscapes, bends and views endowing them with a unique internal panorama that the user experiences in his emotions.


We can no longer rid ourselves of the influence exerted by the territory on our creative fate.


Intarq, born of landscape.

Cerezas osorno
Agronomic Planning

Study and design of gardens with their projection of growth, infrastructure and associated services. We handle unique design variables based on our field investigations, aerial information and experiences.

Strategic planning

Our comprehensive approach from the macro scale of the design to the micro scale will allow you to see the information in another way and make decisions that involve less long-term regrets.

cerezos osorno, arquitecto osorno
Prospecting by Photogrammetry

Through the use of modern techniques assisted by UAV (UAV or DRONE) we digitize the world around us to turn it into a tool with which to work in the world of digital architecture.

Dron osorno, fotografia aerea

With the support of a large international company we want to guide the way for many projects to incorporate vertical gardens and green roofs to collaborate with a healthy world.

Cerezas, osorno, cerezo
Construction with soul

In Intarq we have had the opportunity to direct and manage some important works as the real estate conservator of La Union and in them we have been able to understand how to transmit the soul to each of those involved in the work, we have achieved works full of life, rich light, comfortable people, with diaphanous and sincere spaces.



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Cloud Office

We are located in Osorno and we work with Cloud BIM VP servers so we do not have a physical address.

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