A stadium for Osorno
Milk and Meat Stadium

Concept: A stadium for Osorno

When thinking of a stadium for Osorno, we think of what is unique to the city and most recognizable to the visitor.

The osornino always thinks with a cow next to it, for that reason we take the Cow as an element and the milk in a glass as an influence of form and color.

Then OsOrnO has 3 large O´s that if mounted one on top of the other generate a vertical circular space, which refines the proposal in a way linked to its place of origin. It reinforces the concept of a strictly circular stadium.

That determines the strictly round form and the coloration comes from the milk, as well as the sinuous movement of the galleries that recalls the glass of milk that is beaten.


Then to develop the ceiling and the shape of the bleachers we are inspired by a glass of milk that is stirred, a vortex that has full and a center that sinks and renews energy.

The stadium is posed with a post-tensioned cover with counter-arrow traction and 90% of its energy outside the events will be based on wind and solar energy.


In its entirety it would house 13,000 people.


Concurso público de diseño para el nuevo estadio de Osorno. 

La propuesta de INTARQ entiende el espacio como un lugar multi-propósito capaz de albergar variados programas.

 Su forma se origina en la forma de un vaso rebosante de leche y en la morfología que nos ofrece el nombre de la ciudad: O s O rn O. Si apilamos las 3 os conformamos un espacio perfectamente circular. 

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